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durham(5) psychology, £17,000
  • Attestat o Srednem Obshchem Obrazovanii with a minimum average score of 4 or ‘good’


    Our minimum entry requirements (equivalent to ABB at A level) are as follows:

    • Attestat o Srednem Obshchem Obrazovanii with a minimum average score of 4 or ‘good’, combined with a successfully completed recognised foundation programme
  • IELTS of 6.5 (no component under 6.0); TOEFL iBT 92 (no component under 23);Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) Grade C; or Cambridge Advanced (CAE) Grade A.
  • IELTS: 6.5 (no component under 6.0)
  • TOEFL iBT: 92 (no component under 23)
  • Cambridge Proficiency (CPE): Grade C
  • Cambridge Advanced (CAE): Grade A
  • Cambridge IGCSE First Language English at Grade C or above
  • Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language at Grade B or above
  • GCSE English Language at grade C or above
  • Pearson Test of English (overall score 62 (with no score less than 56 in each component)
  • Year 1

    In the first year, you will take three core modules in Psychology:

    • Introduction to Psychology 1: Cognitive & Biological Psychology
    • Introduction to Psychology 2: Developmental, Social & Abnormal Psychology
    • Introduction to Psychological Research (double module).

    The compulsory Psychology modules count for four of your six modules (two single modules, plus the double module), so in addition you may choose either:

    • The optional module, Classic Papers: A Tutorial Introduction to Psychological Science plus one elective module from another University department, or
    • The optional module, Classic Papers in Applied Psychology: A Tutorial Introduction to Psychological Science plus one elective module from another University department, or
    • Two elective modules from any of the other University departments, as long as you meet their entry requirements and can timetable your additional subjects to fit in with your compulsory modules.

    Year 2

    In the second year, you will build upon your first year and complete six modules in Psychology:

    • Memory & Cognition
    • Social & Developmental Psychology
    • Brain Processes of Cognition & Perception
    • Individual Differences & Abnormal Psychology
    • Research Methods in Psychology
    • Statistics for Psychology.

    Year 3

    In your final year, you may choose to take four modules in Psychology or three Psychology modules plus one from the Psychology (Applied) year three modules on offer, or one from another department. In addition to your chosen four modules, you will carry out and write up your own research project, supervised by a member of staff. The range of possible topics is very wide and research can take place in a variety of settings including schools or work places, as well as in research laboratories in the Department of Psychology. The dissertation is a double module.

    The list of final year option modules may vary from year to year but normally includes:

    • Neuropsychology of Memory
    • Developmental Psychology
    • Child Health Psychology
    • Social Psychology
    • The Evolution of Human Behaviour
    • Brain and Cognition
    • Emotion & Social Cognition
    • The Visual Brain
    • Learning and Animal Cognition.

Foundation courses

If you have graduated with the Russian Attestat o Srednem Obshchem Obrazovanii, you will be required to successfully complete a one year International Foundation Programme before entering Cardiff University's undergraduate programmes.

You will be required to successfully complete the Attestat o Srednem Obshchem Obrazovanii with grades of at least 4.0/5.0, with 4.0 in key subject areas to qualify for the International Foundation Programme.

Undergraduate courses

You will be required to have a high school certificate with grades of at least 4.0/5.0 in addition to a recognised one year International Foundation Programme to qualify for Cardiff University's undergraduate programmes.

Some Schools will consider successful completion of at least one year of a relevant four year honour's degree programme (with high grades in key subject areas) at a recognised institution in Russia.

Cardiff University also accepts a wide range of UK and international qualifications such as A-Levels and the International Baccalaureate.

a minimum of 6.5 IELTS or TOEFL 575 (230 CBT), however, this may vary from course to course.

Year One

Level 4 of the degree occupies the autumn semester of the first year and is designed to help students make the transition from school to university level study. It consists of three modules. These modules will:

  • introduce scientific thinking skills and use example research topics to help students learn the differences between good and bad science
  • provide an overview of the main subject areas of psychology
  • introduce the basics of research methodology through practicals and research design teaching.

Interactive seminars and tutorials form an important part of the course.

Year Two

Level 5 occupies three semesters, starting in the spring of the first year. This level covers the main psychology areas in depth, combined with further teaching of research design and statistical analysis, practical work, and weekly tutorials.

Professional Placement

You will spend your third year in a professional placement approved by the School, subject to availability. Students complete placements in diverse environments in the UK and overseas. These include prisons, hospitals, research units at other universities, rehabilitation clinics, counselling centres and industrial placements.

Year Four

Level 6 is the final year. Here, students undertake a supervised research project that runs over two semesters. The research project is an opportunity to carry out an independent piece of research with individual supervision from a member of academic staff with expertise in the research area. In addition to the project, students at Level 6 complete a range of final year modules (commonly around six depending on whether the modules selected are single or double modules). The optionmodules offer the opportunity for deeper exploration of topics that are close to the research interests of staff. Typical Final Year Modules to choose from include:

  • Stress and Disease
  • Neuroscience of Learning and Memory
  • Structural and Functional Neuroimaging
  • Speech Communication
  • The Development of Psychopathology and Criminality
  • Attitudes and Attitude Change
  • Work Psychology
  • Animal Learning and Cognition
  • Memory Processes and Memory Disorders
  • Decision Making
  • Vision and Action
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Emotion: Social and Neuroscience Perspectives

NOTTINGHAM(19) Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience £16,510
requirments same as cardiff

University of Birmingham 17 £16,000

edinburgh 18 17,500

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